Useful info

  • Care to be taken after plaster

    Keeping hands and feet for the first two days.
    Moving fingers / hands - those who are joints free.
    If the finger becomes swollen or hurting, then call the doctor immediately.
    Stand or walk as a doctor's guide.
    Take time to medicate.

  • Care to be taken after operation

    Plaster should not be wet or spoiled.
    Tell the doctor immediately if plaster is in trouble.
    Walking walker under the guidance of a doctor, do not hesitate in the room while walking.

  • Care should be taken from 2 weeks to 6 weeks

    Exercise on daily basis with minimum support for the hawks, It should be used to stand and stand in front of a big rashi.
    Avoid lingering and walk straight.
    The room should not bend in the knee and practice it straight.
    After walking, put the heel to the front and then complete the foot and then the paw Take hold of the heel and walk ahead.
    Take a saddle while walking and move the slow step forward.

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